Diary of an Ageing Twenty Something

The harsh and brutal truth of adulting

Book Cover: Diary of an Ageing Twenty Something
Part of the Diary of.. series:

Leading on from her disastrous roller coaster of sexual adolescence,  Shannon Black skulks off to the big smoke to begin her life as an adult. Shelving her quest for love, and prioritising her sex life, she is about to find out exactly why life as an adult is no less complicated then the tumultuous twists of the teenage years and is nothing like she expected.
Whilst a relationship is the last thing on her mind, has she learnt anything about how to handle men?  With her virginal status way in her past, she is now determined to find the one where the world of sex and love combine simultaneously. Is her happily ever after on the horizon after all?
Diary of an Ageing Twenty Something is the second book in a brand new contemporary romantic comedy series of 4 installments by Angelina Kennedy. It’s funny, embarrassing and nostalgic, yet at times - truly heart-breaking. Immerse yourself in a copy of 'Diary of an Ageing Twenty Something' today and relive your own laugh out loud journey into adulthood.

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