Diary of an Ageing Sexual Adolescent

All Shannon Black truly wanted was to be loved! Oh, and an abundance of seriously hot sex. What a pity she was utterly clueless – it was virgin on the ridiculous. 

In a quest to find the love of her life (or even just a boyfriend) she fumbles her way through her torturous first encounters as a sexual adolescent. From her very first kiss (with a side order of tongues) and many disastrous love-making attempts, Shannon is desperate to finally shed her virginal status and to learn first-hand all about the world of sex and love. But will she find the happily ever after that combines the two?

Diary of an Ageing Sexual Adolescent is the first book in a brand new contemporary romantic comedy series by Angelina Kennedy. It’s funny, embarrassing and nostalgic, yet at times – truly heart-breaking.

Immerse yourself in a copy of ‘Diary of an Ageing Sexual Adolescent’ today and relive your own rollercoaster of adolescence!

It is so quirky, raw and original. She has a talent to transport me to a time and place I have never experienced. A very funny and talented writer. ” Carol

Meet Angelina

I’m Angelina. And I am a writer! You have no idea how long I have waited to write those words and for it to actually be real! I have waited my whole life to share my imagination, ideals and humour with the planet (or at least the UK ……. would probably settle for Yorkshire actually).

While I have spent the last 20 odd years writing, I undertook such pleasure as a hobby. My occupation in Education meant that not only did I have little time available to indulge in the craft of writing, but the restrictions of my profession also meant that I was unable to publish some of my material. So, I took the plunge …… put my educational career on hold … and now 2017 will bring to you my debut novel: Diary of an Ageing Sexual Adolescent – The harsh and brutal truth of ‘Firsts’.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a chance to fill your shelves and electronic devices with the pourings of my heart and mind! I only hope you enjoy devouring it as much as I have penning it.
Love Angelina xx

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12 hours ago

Diary of a Mental Mother

The most emotional review I have had so far .... shitty old me and Shakespeare in the same sentence .... wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
A truly masterful piece of literature, Kennedy is able to make you laugh, cry and cringe in equal amounts at her adolescent missteps. Littered with philosophical thoughts and achievements that we are all familiar with through our own teenage misdoings, this book transports you to a time and place you wish you could forget. It makes you wish you had lived in a former mining town, getting drunk on a park and fooling around with the local bad boys in the dark. Whilst slightly graphic in parts, the story is laugh out loud funny and the authors writing style is not dissimilar to a Shakespearean epic, full of laughs, love and the odd sprinkling of tragedy (hopefully not ending in a romantic suicide pact) This book is totally “un-put-down-able”, I smashed through the kindle version in a matter of hours and have purchased the paperback version to force upon my friends, a decision that I’m sure they will not regret undertaking. My only gripe is that the book is not dissertation length; I need more Shannon!!

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